Friday, January 12, 2018

Kudo Haruka to star in Lupinranger!

Today is a very happy day, despite the fact that it looks completely gloomy outside and was raining earlier. Also, it's the first entry of the new year of 2018! Whoo~

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Let's be honest, 2017 has been absolutely terrible year and I honestly cannot wait for the new year. It really felt like the year has gone by incredibly slow for me. I've basically been trudging through month after month. Now that it's finally the last day of the year, I'm just like 'F- this. Here's to the new year! Let's do this! Things can't get any worse than this.'

If I had to describe the year of 2017, I would describe it as me being a failure. I failed a blogging, writing in general, failed a good couple of my classes during the autumn semester (which was not great.. made me pretty depressed this month). The year has been both physically and mentally exhausting/painful for me. I won't go into to much detail about that, maybe I'll talk about it in my diary blog. I'll have a new year's reflection of myself personally published either later today or tomorrow. But the main point is, I may be a failure but I will not stop blogging. /whacked;

Airi's Top 20 Most Loved J-pop Songs of 2017!

I can fail at writing out many blog entries. I can fail my classes (literally did fail a class, yeah that really made me depressed this month). I can fail at making aesthetic edits for tumblr. I can fail at a lot of things in general because I'm just a smol, awkward bean. But if there's one thing that I would never fail at- it would be making this post annually! Truth to be told, I love ranking/list entries.It's always so much fun to write~

This year, I made it my goal to listen to a lot of J-pop songs as possible. Last year, I was a bit of a frenzy for K-pop and for American pop music. I really wanted to immerse myself more into J-pop this year than I ever did before. At the end of this year, when I looked at the list of J-pop songs I've loved (like blasting it everywhere and out loud, that kind of love) - the initial list was 70 but I narrowed it done to 20 similar to last year~ Maybe next year I will do a Top 50. Maybe~ lol.

I listened a lot of hella great songs and I listened to a lot of songs that are meh. However, what songs came out on top for me? Here's a list of what those songs are!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Kudo Haruka Appreciation Week ♡ Three Songs

(I swear, I'm almost done with the backed-up entries! I should be able to catch up!)

Welcome back to Kudo Haruka Appreciation Week. Today is Day Three!

Despite the same name as day one, this actually has a different theme/main point. I did not think this through when I created the banners - granted, I was in a rush to get this banners created (made these a whole month ago because my laptop was dying). So previously, I talked about two singles that really screamed 'Kudo Haruka!' However, I also want to take the time to share three more additional songs that really make her shine and that I know for sure she could rock as a solo song.

Like the way I'm thinking of this is that if Haruka were to release a cover album or some sorts, would songs would she cover (assuming they're all from Morning Musume/Hello! Project in general). So three songs that really make her shine and I know for sure that she could rock as a solo song are– /drum roll;

Kudo Haruka Appreciation Week ♡ Two Singles

(Second of the backed up entries that I've written before. I'm so late on this /ugly sobbing; )

Welcome back to Kudo Haruka Appreciation Week, in which I dedicated an entire week to talking about Kudo Haruka while also trying to hold myself back from crying. /whacked; Yesterday, I talked about the one song that really made me notice Haruka years ago. Today, I'll be talking about two singles. These will be two singles* in which I personally felt that Haruka really shined – two singles that really screamed out 'Kudo Haruka!'

*Note: I'll be talking about the main A-sides, and not the overall single.

Here is day two, in which I'll be talking about two singles today.
And those two singles are going to be– /drum roll;

Kudo Haruka Appreciation Week ♡ One Song

(Shxt, I'm super late on this. I have entries backed up but I couldn't post anything because I've been busy with school. Duu, forgive me! I have disappointed you! /cries; )

It's time for the tear fest to begin. I sincerely didn't want to do it because I'm just gonna get super depressed doing this. On this coming December 11, Kudo Haruka will finally graduate from Morning Musume. Oh god, I can feel my heart slowly breaking into more tiny pieces the more I think about it. So, as she is my most favorite member from Morning Musume, I personally wanted to do an appreciation week for her but it's going to be a tiny bit different this time around.

Welcome to Kudo Haruka Appreciation Week, where I'll be talking about things related to Duu and not just reviewing songs and music videos all week long (that gets really tiring after a few days, really). Here is Day One and today I'll be talking about one song which is– /drum roll;

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Instability and Future of Country Girls, or simply put- just me rambling about the group

You know, I just came back from a decent vacation out on a island. Despite me having very limited Internet connection, I still had a lot of fan and came back completely sunburnt but happy. My boyfriend was very kind of enough to publish the remaining draft entries for ˚C-ute Appreciation Week for me while I was away. Yet, when I went to check on news that I have missed up until now- bam! This happens. Country Girls, or basically the entire Hello! Project, as a whole is getting completely reorganized.