Saikou Music! (DAY NINETEEN)

Listening to Ai no Gundan! Ughh, I love this song.

Morning Musume 30 Day Challenge! : Day 19: Who Would You Like to Be For a Day?
Who I would like to be for a day .. For some reason, I'm gonna say Sakura. I want to see what life would be like as Oda Sakura. I don't know why but I really want to be Sakura for one day. It'll be cool! Hehe~

Hello! Project 30 Day Challenge! : Day 19: Who Would You Like to Be For a Day?
Same answer as above. Oda Sakura desu~

Hey! Say! JUMP 30 Day Challenge! : Day 19: Favorite Picture Gif of Chinen Yuri
I present to you, Chinen Yuri! Bow down to Lord Chinen, bitchez. Lol.

JPOP 30 Day Challenge! : Day 19: Your Favorite Interview of a JPOP Idol or Group
My favorite interview ... Ehh, there's a lot of interviews that I have read and watched and I can't remember them all. But my favorite would actually have to be the reviews Sexy Zone did for the debut single. Like I remember, on one of the single editions, there was this interview that they did. I find their answers to be really interesting and at the same time, cute too~

Super Sentai 30 Day Challenge! : Day 19: Least Favorite Season 
There's actually a lot of seasons that I don't really like. I'm gonna say that it's Boukenger for this one because it was so uninteresting. The characters were really bland and they act like they're "all that" and such which really annoys me a lot. Plus I hated the plot, it was so old and boring. I stopped watching it after episode one. That was it. 


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